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China 6204 Deep Groove Ball Bearings

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we have received and installed the bearings, I am not a metalurgist, however side by side the bearing looks to be just as good as the Koyo bearing.

—— Frank Summa

Thanks for your quality bearings, your bearings saved our cost for 50% than ever before, hope your company can manufacturing better bearings in the future.

—— John

i ordered 6204-2RS ,10,000pcs from your factory last month,its nice experience, 6204 is our regular bearing demand, i will order 6204,6204 next month.

—— Wilson.S.H

Company News
China 6204 Deep Groove Ball Bearings
Latest company news about China 6204 Deep Groove Ball Bearings


6204 bearings belong to deep groove ball bearings series, have a single and double row ball design. The 6204 bearing can carry radial loads and can also carry axial loads. For the same size and other types ball bearings, 6204 bearing has a lower speed and a higher load than angle contact ball bearings. The same size of 6204 ball bearing has the effect of auto-tuning, can adjust the tilt between the shaft and the bearing, there is an inner ring, an outer ring, a cage and a group of steel balls. According to different cages, different materials,different quality levels, different designs, different brands, they can be selected according to the actual conditions, the only constant is the bearing size. The size of the 6204

bearing is:

internal diameter:20 mm
external diameter:47 mm
height: 14 mm
weight:0.105 kg


According to the different materials, the 6204 bearings have carbon steel materials, bearing steel materials, stainless steel materials, and ceramic materials. The 6204 bearing carbon steel materials do not have high accuracy requirements, and the speed and load are not high. The cost is low. Used in wheelbarrows, Small transmission equipment and other equipment, short life, frequent updates.


To carbon steel bearings, the 6204 bearing steel have strict requirements on size, speed, and noise. The quality levels are ABEC-1, ABEC-3, ABEC-5, and to customers with vibration requirements,we can provide Z1, Z2, Z3 grade 6204 bearings, ordinary grade bearings, we can achieve 1800-2000 revolutions, Z1 group can reach 2500 revolutions, the current two quality export are the largest.


the 6204 bearing has copper cage, stamping steel cage, and nylon cage design. The most dosage is the stamping steel cage in the market, and the default is stamping steel cage without suffix letters. The copper cage with a suffix M, the nylon cage with suffix A, and TN9. We can provide these cages.


The 6204 bearings are deep groove ball bearings that are inseparable. the outer ring can be operated for stop slots and stop rings according to actual use, with open type 6204 bearings and rubber seals 6204-2RS, and 6204-ZZ metal dust cover design. There are lubricating oil filling in the sealed 6204 bearings. they are no need for adding oil and maintenance-free at work. It is very suitable for the harsh and more dust environment . Bearing steel 6204 bearings are the most widely used materials in the market.


6204 bearing stainless steel material compared to bearing steel material, not only has obvious advantages in material, but also in the process, precision control, more stricted than ordinary bearings . At work stainless steel bearings are stable, low noise and corrosion resistant. 6204 bearings are divided into 440 stainless steel bearings, 316 stainless steel bearings and 304 stainless steel bearings. The 6204 bearings of this material are important for medical devices, cryogenic engineering, optical instruments, high-speed machine tools, high-speed Motors, printing machinery, and food machinery.


Ceramic 6204 bearings are made of Silicon nitride(Si3N4) and zirconia(ZrO2). It has good performance than metal bearings, high temperature resistant, cold resistant, wear resistant, corrosion resistant, magnetic insulation, oil-free self-lubrication, high speed and so on. The rings and rolling bodies of the 6204 bearing ceramic bearings use all-ceramic materials, including zirconia(ZrO2), Silicon nitride(Si3N4), and Silicon carbide(Sic). The cage is made of PTFE, nylon 66, polyether imide, zirconia, Silicon nitride, stainless steel or special aerospace aluminum, and then open the application of ceramic bearings.


EASIER bearings (China Bearing manufacturer) produce a large number of bearing steel 6204 bearings, ordinary and high-level products face different markets. At present, our company's products are sold to Southeast Asia, Europe, America, India, Russia, and South America. The annual output can reach 900,000 sets, can provide 6204 bearings, 6204-ZZ bearings, 6204-2RS bearings.


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